Sorry, Marshal is: 

Greg - vocals, guitar

John - drums

Dan - bass

Luke - vocals, guitar


 Sorry, Marshal is a rock n’ roll band from Baltimore, Maryland that was founded in 2018.  Their debut ep is out now on all major streaming platforms.


"The group... reminds us that sometimes all one needs is a guitar, a fuzz box and a melody."

~ Overblown 

"Neenah is the wonderful new song by Sorry Marshal, a band from Baltimore.  Musically, the piece is somehow settled between Shoegaze and Dreampop and exudes a shimmering LoFi charm."

~ Nicorola

"It’s both indie rock and shoegaze but the melodic song-based end of that genre’s spectrum.  Super catchy stuff..."

~ Doubtful Sounds


Upcoming Shows/Tour Dates​

  • Fri. August 23rd - Rituals 12 W North Ave Baltimore, MD (formerly the Windup Space)          Doors: 8pm, $10.

  • Wed. October 2nd - The Ugly Mug 723 8th St SE, Washington, DC ​(episode six GDSC Live! series) Doors 7:30pm, Free Show!

  • Mon. December 16th - Reverb 2212 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218.                               Doors: 7PM

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